Saturday, December 22, 2007

spirit fingers!! (and a pony)

"Everything -- even the problem itself -- is helping you to find a solution."

Hey so also maybe trot over to this website ( right now=me) for kewl designs and soothing aminal faces. That's right I said aminal. Deal wiz it. They've got owlies, fowlies, foxies and (obvi) poni-ies gah lore (also free shipping), if you're into those kinds of things, which (obvi) I am.


The origonal idea behind "spirit fingers!!" being more or less a spiritual check-in, it's perhaps worth noting the precision with which this post registers my current spiritual temperature.

Split screen. One side an open hand graspy for wisdom or relief or gawd willing please both. For what else? Peace and fucking quiet. Other side a sticky hand, all petulant and grabby. For what? Stuff? Baby animals. Balm. Something slash anything new. But from the outside. Hence the grabbing.

Beeg questions today.


Hilly: "Let's try to figure out who in Hollywood has AIDS."

A beat.

Smitty: "Do you think Johnny Depp has AIDS?"