Thursday, August 30, 2007

spirit fingers!!

"Either the human being must suffer and struggle as the price of a more searching vision, or his gaze must be shallow and without intellectual revelation"

-Thomas de Qunicey

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

cookie puss it good

Aparna p-pusses it REAL GOOD
at her 25th BIRFDAY (itza link!) piddy

Dis puss ain't for everybody

Only the sexy people

Get up on this!

Hey! Ow!

Puss it good!

Puss it p-puss it

real good

Ah, puss it

Now puss it

Sunday, August 26, 2007

spirit fingers!!

"Behold the turtle, who makes progress only when she sticks her neck out."

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

bah bah bah, YEAHHH

1: a material effigy that is worshipped as a god
[syn: graven image, god]
2: someone who is adored blindly and excessively
[syn: matinee idol]
3: an ideal instance; a perfect embodiment of a concept
[syn: paragon, perfection, beau ideal]
4. That on which the affections are strongly
(often excessively) set; an object of passionate devotion;
a person or thing greatly loved or adored.

working stiff

me: so it's like

i got ICED TEA in my butt
i got A FLEA in my butt
i got INDIAN GHEE in my butt
i got KIMCHEE in my butt
if someone messes up
everyone goes
and that person starts with a new word
A: kimchi
me: yeah
like a totally new work
i've been dicking around all afternoon
A: i can tell
i can see the dick
from here
me: haha
A: just waving all over
the place
keep it in yer pants!
me: my boss is gone this week
so it's huge
i can't keep it in

shootin' at the walls of heartache


i am the warrior


victory is



Thursday, August 16, 2007

what the peep do we know?!

What I'm gonna be for haloweeny. That's the what what and the whoop whoop.

spirit fingers!!

"The answers will come when your own house is in order."

Sunday, August 12, 2007

weird science

my brother is a brainiac, brainiac on the floor

Saturday, August 11, 2007

louie louie

"The only thing new under the sun is you." - Anonymous

Friday, August 10, 2007

the heart of the matter paneer

Dear Paneer,
I've been thinking about you naan stop. Drinks sometime?
A stranger

Thursday, August 9, 2007

oprah your heart to me

The remedy for extreme elf consciousness has arrived!


"Woman who says Oprah Magazine article changed her life has not changed."

imperfectionasty as i wanna be

"The Attraction of Imperfection"

Here I see a poet who, like many a human being, is more attractive by virtue of his imperfections than he is by all the things that grow to completion and perfection under his hands. Indeed, he owes his advantages and fame much more to his ultimate incapacity than to his ample strength. His works never wholly express what he would like to express and what he would like to have seen: It seems as if he had had the foretaste of a vision and never the vision itself; but a tremendous lust for this vision remains in his soul, and it is from this that he derives his equally tremendous eloquence of desire and craving. By virtue of this lust he lifts his listeners above his word and all mere "works" and lends them wings to soar as high as listeners had never soared. Then, having themselves been transformed into poets and seers, they lavish admiration upon the creator of their happiness, as if he had led them immediately to the vision of what was for him the holiest and ultimate – as if he had attained his goal and had really seen and communicated his vision. His fame benefits from the fact that he never reached his goal.

Someone read neatchy in college

perfectionasty as i wanna be

Perfectionism is a psychological orientation which, depending on the severity, may have biological and/or environmental causes. To an educated observer, a perfectionist orientation is usually evident by the preschool years, though it may not cause problems until the college years. The perfectionist orientation has two components: impossibly high standards, and the behaviors intended to help achieve the standards and avoid mistakes. The high standards interfere with performance, and perfectionist behavior becomes an obstacle instead of a means to achieving the goal. For example, when a five-year-old who is learning to write repeatedly erases his lines because they are not exactly straight, he is exhibiting a perfectionistic tendency.

Due to obsessive effort and high standards of performance combined with natural gifts, perfectionists may be athletic, musical, academic, or social achievers, but they may equally as often be underachievers. Perfectionists engage in dichotomous thinking, believing that there is only one right outcome and one way to achieve that outcome. Dichotomous thinking causes indecisiveness, since according to the individual's perception a decision, once made, will be either entirely right or entirely wrong. Due to their exacting precision, they take an excessive amount of time to perform tasks. For example, the perfectionist kindergartner may produce two entirely straight lines out of ten attempts, but the emotional fatigue she experiences may hamper her future performance and detract from the value of the effort. Even small tasks become overwhelming, which leads to frustration, procrastination, and further anxiety caused by time constraints.

Perfectionists also pay selective attention to their own achievements, criticizing themselves for mistakes or failures, and downplaying their successes. Overwhelmed by anxiety about their future performance, they are unable to enjoy successes.

Perfectionist anxiety can cause headaches, digestive problems, muscle tension, and heart and vascular problems. Anxiety can also cause "blanking" or temporary memory losses before events such as musical performances or academic exams. Perfectionists also hesitate to try new activities for fear of being a beginner at an activity, even for a short period of time. Negative effects of perfectionism are felt especially when an individual is a perfectionist in all areas of life, rather than in one realm, such as an artistic or scientific pursuit, which might allow room for mistakes in other areas of life.

In extreme forms perfectionism may contribute to depression or be diagnosed as obsessive-compulsive personality disorder (which should be distinguished from the more serious obsessive compulsive disorder ). The more common syndromes of anorexia nervosa and bulimia nervosa can be considered an extreme form of perfectionism directed towards the body and its appearance. The irrational distortions of perception that can arise from abnormally high standards of "performance" (i.e., thinness) are evident in the anorexic's perception of her or himself as fat.

The perfectionist's continual high achievements and/or control over events do not lead to satisfaction because there is always something to criticize or worry about, or another goal to achieve. Some perfectionists are other-directed and subject others to impossibly high standards of performance and conduct, causing difficulties in interpersonal relationships. Because they cannot accept their own imperfections, they may adopt a falsely exaggerated self-esteem, which hides an intense insecurity. Other perfectionists subject their own emotions to excessive control, and have difficulty becoming intimate. The perfectionist may be afraid of exposing his imperfections to others, which also causes difficulty with intimacy.

It is important for the perfectionist to set and meet deadlines in order to experience the reward of finishing a task. If procrastination is a special problem, tasks should be broken down into smaller steps or goals to be accomplished, so that the task appears less overwhelming and the feeling of accomplishment can be experienced often as each task is completed. The perfectionist should also be encouraged to take risks simply for the sake of taking risks. A decision to take risks gives the perfectionist permission to be a beginner at a task, and allows him or her to voluntarily relinquish control of a situation. A significant illustration of the value of mistakes and taking risks is the fact that Babe Ruth held the record for the most strikeouts as well as for the most homeruns.

Source: Encyclopedia of Childhood and Adolescence

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

spirit fingers unplugged, vol. 2

me: what?
i'm sorry
couldn't hear you
my inner critic is too loud
A: well i think you're very hard on yourself
and tend to internalize
more than praise
which is natural
among perfectionists
but i would also pay attention to what you do well
because that is just as important


spirit fingers unplugged, vol. 1

date: Aug 8, 2007 7:47 AM
subject: i am wearing your shoes
mailed by:

remember when we were at Cue Bar, and i was complaining about a zit i had? and you told me it looked like a mole or birthmark?

in reality, that was probably untrue, it probably looked like herpes. but you had a quick line to make it work for me right then. and i was willing to accept it, and it worked. i immediately felt more comfortable.

and eventually the zit went away.

i feel like thats what you need for yourself in improv. you need a quick line, and you need to believe it.

i am all for getting to the root of things, and really working hard to figure it out. but sometimes, its okay to just cover things up for a while.

and maybe if you are lucky and use a regenerative mask and stop trying to pop it, it will go away on its own.

PS these shoes have met their match.

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

elivislution 1995: a tribute

Elvis Is Everywhere, by Mojo Nixon

When I look out into your eyes out there,
When I look out into your faces,
You know what I see?
I see a little bit of Elvis
In each and every one of you out there.

Lemme tell ya...


Elvis is everywhere
Elvis is everything
Elvis is everybody
Elvis is still the king

Man o man
What I want you to see
Is that the big E's
Inside of you and me

Elvis is everywhere, man!
He's in everything.
He's in everybody...

Elvis is in your jeans.
He's in your cheesburgers
Elvis is in Nutty Buddies!
Elvis is in your mom!

He's in everybody.
He's in the young, the old,
the fat, the skinny,
the white, the black
the brown and the blue
people got Elvis in 'em too

Elvis is in everybody out there.
Everybody's got Elvis in them!
Everybody except one person that is...
Yeah, one person!
The evil opposite of Elvis.
The Anti-Elvis

Anti-Elvis got no Elvis in 'em,
lemme tell ya.

Michael J. Fox has no Elvis in him.

And Elvis is in Joan Rivers
but he's trying to get out, man!
He's trying to get out!
Listen up Joanie Baby!

Elvis is everywhere
Elvis is everything
Elvis is everybody
Elvis is still the king

Man o man
What I want you to see
Is that the big E's
Inside of you and me

Man, there's a lot of unexplained phenomenon
out there in the world.
Lot of things people say
What the heck's going on?

Let me tell ya!

Who built the pyramids?
Who built Stonehenge?

Yeah, man you see guys
walking down the street
pushing shopping carts
and you think they're talking to allah,
they're talking to themself.
Man, no they're talking to ELVIS!

You know whats going on in that Bermuda Triangle?
Down in the Bermuda Traingle
Elvis needs boats.
Elvis needs boats.
Elvis Elvis Elvis
Elvis Elvis Elvis
Elvis needs boats.

Aahh! The Sailing Elvis!
Captain Elvis!
Commodore Elvis it is.

Yeah man, you know people from outer space,
people from outer space they come up to me.
They don't look like like Doctor Spock.
They don't look like Klingons,
all that Star Trek jive.

They look like Elvis.
Everybody in outer space looks like Elvis.
Cause Elvis is a perfect being.
We are all moving in perfect peace and harmony towards Elvisness

Soon all will become Elvis.
Everything everywhere will be Elvis.
Why do you think they call it evolution anyway?
It's really Elvislution!

Elvis is everywhere
Elvis is everything
Elvis is everybody
Elvis is still the king

Man o man
What I want you to see
Is that the big E's
Inside of you and me

That's right ladies and gentlemen,
The time has come!
Time has come to talk
To that little bit of Elvis inside of you.

Talk to it!
Call it up!
Say "Elvis, heal me!"
"Save me, Elvis!"
"Make me be born again
in the perfect Elvis light"

That's right!
You've got that Elvis inside of ya
and he's talkin to ya
He says he wants you to sing!
Everybody's got to sing like the king!

Like the king
Get that leg going now
Get your lip too.
Not no fool Billy Idol lip either
Yeah, we're rockin now!

Elvis is with us.
He's with us and he's speaking to us.
He says "Peoples!"
"Everybody got to sing!"

Elvis is everywhere
Elvis is everything
Elvis is everybody
Elvis is still the king

Man o man
What I want you to see
Is that the big E's
Inside of you and me

Elvis is everywhere
Elvis is everything
Elvis is everybody
Elvis is still the king

Man o man
What I want you to see
Is that the big E's
Inside of you and me


spirit fingers!!

"Humility does not mean thinking less of yourself than of other people, nor does it mean having a low opinion of your own gifts. It means freedom from thinking about yourself at all."

-William Temple

it might make you feel better

Sunday, August 5, 2007

dome if you want to



in God's universe


a dome lid

intern me on

Internment camp
The intern net
Internal memo
Internest eggs
Internior design
Intern off
Intern for the worst
To every day intern turn
As the world interns
Intern of the century
Intern around bright eyes

Saturday, August 4, 2007

spirit fingers!!

"The lust for comfort, that stealthy thing that enters the house a guest, then becomes a host, and then a master"

- Kahlil Gib(ibby)ran

The rewards of allowing myself to feel all my feelings , the uncomfortable as well as the comfortable, far surpass what I once thought of as comfort.