Thursday, December 27, 2007

PR-eport: fuggedaboutit edition

Not tryin' to brog*, but the desperate race to cure Alzheimer's Disease got a little more adorable today...


**toying also with "blag"


Anonymous said...

i read this hearticle and i felt all smarticle!


inthemiddle said...

anything i can do to increase your brain muscicle, my little sparticle!


I am going to get alzheimer's! Grams has it right now, and we prented like we think it's funny, but actually we are really scared that we are looking into a fifty-years-form-now-mirror.

inthemiddle said...

karin: pour out a little "shweppies" for grams and fuggedaboutit!

but srsly -- my heart like literally plumps up to accommodate the fullness of my love for my dad. only to be almost immediately c-blocked by my brain, raining down on this love parade with a swift cut to awful scene from gd-forbid future

this particular scene undoes me every time:

we see a scientist, having devoted his entire career to curing a devastating, memory murdering thing, succumbing to the thing himself, forgettng all

sometimes i'd like to punch my brain in the face