Thursday, December 27, 2007


I'm experiencing an a-typical run of happiness this week. On a one to ten scale, kicking it steadily around 7/8, with just one caveat: can't be be happy and hydrated at the same time. Coffee diet orange soda diet root beer coffee diet orange soda. Don’t get me wrong. Water is amazing -- a wonder. A blessing in every bottle . Love the stuff. Just don’t want to drink it.

Trying to remember why it's great, hoping this will inspire me to want to put it in my mouth again. Thinking 'bout how it cleans me (and my fruits and vegetables,etc), rinses the nasty night out of my mouth, how it's all up in the lubricating lotions and potions I soften my skin with every day. It's everywhere all over the place being awesome. Making shit happen. All day every day. So just drink up. Make a go of it. Put it in yer face. Uh uh. Won’t. Can’t. The answer is no.


Diggin' this oppy-eddy today -- get to the end and (no big) surprise! Obvi I am, cuz it's by Dudester in Chief at Da Week .


Anonymous said...

i haven't had a spot o water all day. i'm a caffiend!!!!


inthemiddle said...

i crashed.


Elizabeth said...

Some times I hate water, too. Like Wicked Witch of the West hate it. I forced myself to start drinking Canada Dry seltzer and now I kinda like it. At least I will drink it when regular water has the same appeal as motor oil.

inthemiddle said...

lizzy: i get in a zone sometimes where i'll only drink the stuff competitively. our our office's receptionist, mary, has been reluctantly bullied into more than a few of these chuggalugg challenges.