Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Today's Special: Nostalgia

Some of the first memories I have of life are the tv shows "Pinwheel" and "Today's Special" that ran on Nickelodeon in the 1980's, approximately, in the morning.

An observation: my nostalgia cravings increase along with my work load and anxiety. Digging through the internet attic for magical mittens and
orphaned mullato half-animals soothes me. Maybe these past blasts remind me of a simpler time.

Or maybe they remind me I exist, period.

I'm in my twenties, I dunno!!

While I'm figuring stuff out, please enjoy the delightful, pinwheely breeze coming off this precious cupcake waltz .


missy&chrissy. said...

i love this post! (even though its the first time i'm watching 'pinwheel' and 'today's special')

inthemiddle said...

aww shucks! thanks chrissy!!

the pinwheel vid is kind of grainy, but sooo soothing. to me.

what did you think about today's spesh?

do u and missy have fave first memories of life i.e. tv shows?