Wednesday, April 9, 2008

The eyes are the windows of your face

It's official. I'm nerding out on this video. What else do you call watching it every day?

I think it's one of my favorite SNL skits of all time. Which begs the question, what are my favorite SNL skits of all time?

Off the top of my head...

Land Shark ("Candy Gram...")
Chopping Broccoli (told you I was nerdin' out)
Happy Fun Ball
Star Wars
The Prince Show (w/Steve Martin)
The Synchronized Swimmers
Dick in a Box (the color me badd-ittude kills me)

So there you have it. I'm a Saturday Night Live fan and I've been one for a long time. Ever since the 20th anniversary special aired in the 90's. I went out and rented every "Best of..." tape I could find at "Video Village" and "Erols*" (Eddie Murphy, Steve Martin, Dan Akroyd...)

People love to hate on SNL. Haters say "oh, Saturday Night Live isn't good anymore, blobbity blah." Not cool people like me who stay home on Saturday nights. Really though, just think about it, try being hilarious for thirty solid years, every week, in front of a live studio audience. Try it and see if you don't have a few extended awkward periods. It's pretty impressive they're a) still on the air and b) fresh and hilarious, albeit intermittently, after all these years.


*That for a short time was located in the back of CVS, which looking back, seems so queer. I can't possibly be the only person** who remembers that.

**Besides you, Josh.


Aparna said...

totes agree about SNL. the momes of joy that it has added to my life are not quantifiable. at least not in a numeric way. a giant quantum hug might do the trick.

inthemiddle said...

totes on same page, as per euz. what are your fav skittles?

shleefunk said...

That 90's SNL special changed my life. I think I broke the tape I watched it so many times.

oh - but you are forgetting:

- when Madonna was on Waynes World
- coffee talk
- any celebrity jeopardy with Sean Connery
- super bass-o-matic '76

... and those are just off the top of my head... next time I'm in DC, lets watch it together!

inthemiddle said...

shlee -- YES, bass-o-matic is a classic. haha, and don't forget! super bass-o-matic '76 works great on sunfish, perch, sole, and other small aquatic creatures!!

so excited for your visit :)

shleefunk said...

this one totally makes it to the list! Ps - I bought Char for his bday a pack of googlie-eyes and a book on how to use them, and that was even before I watched the skit!!!