Tuesday, November 27, 2007

take a walk on the genocide

Thoughts of genocide on my walk to work this morning. Not about genocide-genocide, but about zhee word itself, which is beautiful. Here are some other beautiful words for not so terrible things.

And a list inspired by a list...

Words I'd dew:

Sprinkle (!)


P H said...

my favorite part is the decipherability of words, like how "pluvial" has to do with rain, related to "impluvium" which was a big tank in the middle of the room of an ancient Roman house, used to catch rain from the roof.

P H said...

oh right also i'm a huge loser

inthemiddle said...

ph: HAHAHAlarious.

speaking of...

a very cool website told me in ancient Rome, Hilaria (neut. pl. of hilaris) were a class of holidays and times of pomp and rejoicing -- there were public ones at the spring equinoxes (equinoxes = my jam) and private ones on the day of a marriage or a son's birth.

Am simultaneously drawn to and repulsed by the word "Hilaria" because my own name is attractive to my eyez but also, diarrhea.

Aparna said...

ok i can get on the roman boat. "vomitorium." neither a word i'd do nor a word that i'd like to decipher but i'll do the latter.



inthemiddle said...

parny: tenks for spewing the knowledge -- eue exploded the myth of the v-tor, which i did always think was for bacchanalian post-prandial purgin'

P H said...

i figured it was a lot like an impluvium, but with more surprises held within.

can't imagine what giddiness drama majors get out of saying that their college stage has a vomitorium. i'll bet they clap and jump simultaneously.

inthemiddle said...

wheee...this is the most comments ever!!

*claps and jumps simultaneously*

Asie Masie said...

my favorite werd: Snack (!!)