Thursday, November 29, 2007

rejuice and sing!

Joy to the world the interns come!
She's brought me Diet Sunkist;
Let every sip prepare me with,
The strength to dance and sing,
The strength to dance and sing,
And heaven, and heaven, and nature sing...

[In other words -- thanks Allison, who embodies her surname: Kind]


Aparna said...

if someone got me coffees, a critical part of my day would be remoofed...that is FRESH AIR TAM!

P H said...

ooohhh, runners. i long for them.

Allison said...

all i did was stop for water...and picked up a diet sunkist on the side.

aparna and p h, can i get you anything?

inthemiddle said...

oh man...everything got better when allison came in today!!!

but srsly -- does anyone need anything?

Aparna said...

i need a hug.