Friday, November 16, 2007

mixie moes

Responses to the following email
sent to friends 11/15/07

Subject: say someone makes you a mix of carefully selected music songs...

and you really like it and you're into the songs but maybe you're not comfortable talking about music like some people are so then how do you respond to them so they know you like it a lot?

aparna : you say "you are a gem in a world of coal mines"

karin: tell him you like it.

james: I think you just did. If they aren't satisfied you're happy that would be their issue. Besides I am sure you can roll with whatever they say and have it be fluid and beautiful

shlee: Just tell them exactly what you told me - totally love the songs, the presentation is adorable, and if they start talking to you more about the music, just nod your head and say "yeah" - i think if you don't engage in conversation when they go into detail, then they'll get the picture - or if they are nice, they'll explain to you what they are talking about.


I just thought of a good way of responding so that he knows you like it. a lot.

how about sleeping with him?

tanya: You say thank you and you give a few sincere reasons why. "Wow. I loved the mix. I haven't been given a mix in so long and the ones you chose made me feel X. [insert other reasons why you loved, doesn't have to showcase your meager knowledge / philosophical musical musing]. Thank you."

char: who's not comfortable talking about music? don't we talk about music all the time?

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P H said...

this was an excellent way as well