Thursday, November 29, 2007

letters to boys, part two

Letter taped into my diario beneath the entry dated 3-1-1990

To Jason

I wrote this to you when we where in the 5th grade I hope when you are at my house someday I hope soon and were better friends I will show it to you. If you find it some how without me and we are not good friends just disregard anything that has been said.

Thank for your trouble

See ya' soon



Aparna said...

my favorite part

"Thank you for your trouble"

i didn't even know what that meant in 5th grade except in a very literal sense.

inthemiddle said...

my fav part = how fine a point i put on disregarding the letter should he find the letter, when rully all the letter talks about is the letter

who are these people?!...

don't eeevennn get me farted...

that's my TAM!!

*yanks on, loosens tie*