Wednesday, October 31, 2007

sigh me to the moon

Have you ever had a friend who you love, but aren't good at staying in touch with? And they email you and then call you and ask you if they've done something wrong (they haven't, you're just busy and overwhelmed with your life). How do you handle that? My sister replies "Just be honest!" What a complete cop out. "I've been really busy" wreaks of self-importance. There's an art to being honest without being repulsive. I can't paint it or sculpt it or take its picture or dance it . I'll hiccup some lame and hurtful apology-excuse that inevitably ends in "does that make sense?" I'm not a bad friend or a bad person, and my truth isn't lame, it's beautiful. It just sounds lame rattling around in my noodle. Balls. I fantasize about surviving a day without feeling like I've left a sticky, snaily trail of disappointment behind.


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