Friday, October 19, 2007

politicold war (i spy!)

Spotted earlier this week (Wednesday): Martin Scorsese. Whatever you do, don't scream out his name. He doesn't seem to like it. A spy for Politico's Chris Frates bares all: "Yes, he was in town for the Italian-American gala, which was over the weekend."

He was with a mystery blonde. Spotted in the lobby of the Four Seasons, walking with purpose into the sunny Georgetown afternoon.

My friend actually chirped "Scorsese!" Alarmed, he turned around and gave a confused wave, which turned quickly into a "shoo." Luckily, my friend was too blissed out, or "Scorcehazy," to detect what my imagination registered as Marty's thinly veiled contempt for us D.C. plebes."

Source: Scorcehazy

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