Tuesday, September 25, 2007

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The Fall Is Upon Us
Insight into The Equinox

Why in Autumn do we want to match the animals in nature and hibernate? The energy on the planet changes. In the Autumn this energy is drawn down into the Earth. Outwardly, the leaves are drawn off the trees. Inwardly, we experience feeling drained. But the good news is that the energy that is draining is most likely not our own anyway. We took on someone's energy (thoughts, emotions) and obligingly, or in most cases, ignorantly carried it around, until the fall season draws our attention back to ourselves where we experience a change in energy within and around us. That is one of the purposes of the seasons, to be different from all the others so that we notice changes we might not have if everything stayed the same. Each season prompts us to reflect (go inward). It makes us pause to review our lives.

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