Monday, February 11, 2008

A Twist of Sib-lime

My brother Josh and I have amassed an exhaustive and delightfully esoteric catalogue of inside jokes, references, and allusions over the years. Ours is a hodge-podge of semi-obscure 80’s and 90’s pop culture call-backs, wrapped in a thick pastiche-mina of wildly meta family wool.

I delight in the intimacy and insanity of our language and the steady transfer of “Do you REMEMBER that shit?!” voice mail messages and subjectless e-missives. Words like ‘skee ball’ tell me instantly my days been made by an outstanding Putt-Putt Super Saturdays reference.

Shared hilarity is a puzzling phenomenon. I wonder why certain movies and songs and situations stayed with us. I wonder why my thirty year-old brother and I are quoting a Weird Al Yankovic movie to this (very literal) day. But most of all, I wonder if you remember that shit.


Werd up, Aus.

These are hilarious.