Monday, January 7, 2008

new kid on the blog!

Oh, hello approximately three loyal readers (Mr. Papadopoulos: stop lurking and start commenting!) Thirsty for something new? Take a generous sip of refreshingly hip and funny diet iced tea . The format (or whatever it's called -- what's it called?) is crispy n' clean, and I'm an insta-fan of this tumblr bizness (even though it makes bloggyspot look kinda wrinkly). By the way blogspotters, I can't get my gumballs straight up there -- if you can help, please share and care.


As a chronic worrier and occasional freaker-outer, I willfully avoid thinking about the inz and outz of my brother-in-law's ("cool" to some folks, chilling to me, certainly "topical") jay-oh-bee. But there are a few pieces of info I've been unable to escape.

1. Pilot Scott is somewhere in the Persian Gulf*
2. Pilot Scott lives on a ship called the Harry Truman.

So thank gawd my sister gave the family a heads up about this story today or else I would have lost my fucking mind. And of course thank gawd these guys are okay and thank gawd he's okay.


Overstimulated from an eventful weekend and a tense work day. Joy tonight looks like... an indulgent and immediate post-work/pre-dins shower, blobbin' a liddle by the soft light of this shabby chic-y lamp, and two consecutive new-to-me episodes of Intervention on some happily inexplicable cable.

I'm pooped .


*Actual photo of actual Scott flying actual plane off actual boat somewhere in actual Persian Gulf


missy&chrissy said...

sigh. am i mr. papadopolous?

inthemiddle said...

hilarious! but no.

inthemiddle said...

oh, and template? i think the word i was looking for -- what tumblr is -- is called a tempate? interface? no, that can't be right.

Mr. Pap said...

Webster calls me George, but my wife "Ma'am," because "Ma'am" sounds like "Mom."

It's a fact.

inthemiddle said...

ha! i'm pappy you decided to join us.