Tuesday, January 15, 2008

brand new jam: dec/jan 2008

Cable Television
Sour Cream
Planet Earth
Short hair
Toaster oven
Allison The Intern
Family Celebrity
Cherry Chapstick
Red Meat
Battleship Pretension
Extreme officle/apartment makeovers


shleefunk said...


inthemiddle said...

shleefunk -- i'm thrilled these jamz excite you so

P H said...

Band Yo La Tengo have a song Cherry Chapstick which I would highly recommend.

"Someone else's date,
in someone else's door.
There's a girl
with cherry chapstick
on and nothing more.
It's such a lurid pose,
and she seems this close,
But not to me"

inthemiddle said...

ph -- i'm chapstickin' with you, my friend, cuz you always keep me in tune(s)

Allison said...

please note that Allison the Intern is back with the long overdue diet orange sunkist.

inthemiddle said...

hahah -- NOTED.

welcome back ATI!!

you've. been. missed.

Asie said...

i can haz dye-it sun kissed?

inthemiddle said...

asie masie -- allison went to class. you can haz toe mara