Tuesday, July 31, 2007

i'm gonna be sicko

Responses to the following email sent to friends 7/29/07

Subject: have you seen sicko?

it made me want to marry a foreign man and get the hell out of this grueling country.


Leland: not yet, ill check it out this weekend. luckily i get universal health care because of my tribe's treaties with the US gov't. I actually recently wrote a blog on it on my myspace title IHS:America's Healthcare Solution.

Asie: dude, i'm so glad you said that....I'm totally planning on living in London, Paris, Dubai, and somewhere in south america. lets do it. where is my british/foreign boyfriend?!

Tanya: Haven't seen it, but want to. Have you talked to Liz about it--she has thoughts too.

Liz: seriously though....i cried more than once....i did get my period thenext day though...quite emotional!

Smita: no, i haven't seen it yet.

Cara: Have not seen Sicko, but heard it was very eye opening. Want to see Simpsons :)

Ashley: haven't see it, but you have to remember that he's a documentarian who wants you to think that health care is better everywhere else in the world but here... and it's not necessarily the case. people from foreign countries that he's highlighted have said he makes it sound too good to be true, and it's not. that all being said, i'm sure when i see it i'll feel the same way!

Liz K. No, I haven't seen it because I'm afraid i will have the same reactions.

Jessica: Haven't seen it yet but I'm dying to (no pun intended). PS I hear Simon is still available!! ("I love Hilary," "I have to wake up early")

Rachel: I cried with rage when I got home from "Sicko." I feel your pain.

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