Tuesday, July 31, 2007

endowment for the farts

Me: dont even get me farted
A: hahaha
fart buchwald
me: hahah
farts and crafts
A: language farts
remember that subject?
what did that even entail
me: reading
A: hahah
yer right!
reading comp
me: it's like the baby version of my major in college
communication farts
A: hahahaha
liberal farts college
me: hahaha
the worst is when people take themselves too seriously and go off to fart school and study high fart
A: hahahaha
me: blech
A: fart history major
me: hahah
A: what is fart?
my favorite is postmodern fart
me: that's a good question
it's very subjective
i haven't been to a fart museum in a while
A: mmmm
National Gallery of Fart
me: Muesum of Modern Fart

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